Central government employees are known to be the backbone of India. Without them, India cannot stand erect and function for a single minute. Of course, they are not vast in number but their work in different departments under different ministries gives immense boost to the progress of the nation. Their roles and involvement at the times of major crisis such as wars, floods, earthquake, famine, etc., stands apart. But today, the number of employees are decreasing due to privatization and foreign direct investments in most of the departments. To control this, associations, unions and federations are trying to resist the government from doing so but in vain.


Students, after completing their tough academic sessions in different streams, search for good placements. Most of them keeps their first preference to get a central government job. It may be in any field as it gives them a job security in their life. Before the year 2004, the central government employees are entitled to receive pension after their retirement. But in 2004, the government introduced a new pension scheme in which an employee is not entitled to receive pension after retirement. This policy was opposed by all associations, unions and federations and it continues. They are urging the government to bring back the old pension scheme which gives a security in their life after retirement.


After the VIth CPC, which came in to effect from the year 2006 and fully implemented in 2008, the employees are somewhat satisfied with the new pay structures. To conclude, the government should act swiftly to sort out all differences between them and the employees to make INDIA a super power by the year 2020. 

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